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Saybrook in Harvard Business Review

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Family business owners going to work

Saybrook's latest article for Harvard Business Review, written with EDHEC Business School's Fabian Bernhard, dives into a challenge we often see in our work with families and family enterprises: how to carry on the legacy of values and life lessons that fueled one generation’s success, while empowering the next generation to reimagine that story in service to their own goals in a changing world?

The answer, we argue, is to understand that history is not static, but dynamic—something that can and should evolve over time, even as it remains grounded in fact. For families, this means treating legacy not as an unalterable heirloom, but as an ongoing conversation among generations.

To that end, we offer four research-driven strategies that next-gen leaders can use to recast the family narrative as their own, helping the family as a whole sustain wealth and purpose long into the future.

Read the article here.


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