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Saybrook Partners is a boutique communications and strategy consulting firm with a unique perspective on the future.

We believe that the surest guide to a changing world lies in what past experience has already taught us—about who we are, what we do best, and why, and how all of this prepares us for whatever comes next.

We help organizations and families transform their own past experience into strategic lessons they can use to shape change, not just react to it. That work takes many forms: from narratives and other content that make legacy a platform for innovation and engagement, to specialized consulting services that yield authentic, long-term strategies and solutions. Yet everything we do is closely aligned to the problems our clients care about most.


Our unique approach combines proven historical methodologies and expert storytelling with real-world industry expertise. We seek not only to craft compelling and persuasive narratives but also to change the way our clients think about management and governance, empowering them to build a more sustainable and resilient enterprise. 

Headquartered in New York City, Saybrook is comprised of an international team of experts distinguished by their intellectual rigor and creativity. We work with senior decision-makers from clients across the private and nonprofit sectors. They engage us at moments of opportunity or adversity—whenever they need to understand and articulate more clearly the principles that guide them or the challenges they face. The perspective we develop through our work makes us trusted counselors long after an engagement is over.



We bring world-class research capabilities grounded in rigorous methodologies. This enables us to produce deep, well-differentiated content that resonates and breaks new ground.


We are professionals with PhDs and other advanced degrees and deep subject-matter knowledge. We are also peers of the clients we serve, with decades of combined consulting experience at senior levels. 


We work with fewer clients but spend more time getting to know them—their culture and vision. The consultants who start on an engagement will be there until the end. 


In concept and execution, our work is designed to produce measurable, long-term improvements. We have a proven track record of helping clients navigate critical issues in culture, brand, and reputation.

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