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Specialized Advisory Services


In a world of accelerating change and uncertainty, it pays to take the long view. 

As trained historians, we know that complex management challenges did not emerge overnight.  They grew up over time and in the context of past decisions and of larger forces at work in society and the economy.


As consultants with long experience working inside organizations, we also know that successful solutions to these challenges must be shaped in part by your own vision for the future.

That’s why we help you to activate all three dimensions of the decision-making process—past experience, present objectives, and future ambitions.  This holistic, time-based approach to problem-solving yields original insights and authentic, long-term sources of competitive advantage.


We amplify your traditional strategy exercise by identifying the role of past events and decisions in shaping the choices you face. We highlight distinctive capabilities, built up over time, that make any strategy more likely to succeed, while also revealing underlying behaviors that threaten to hold you back.


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