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At a moment of accelerating change and uncertainty, it pays to take the long view. 

Most strategists begin with a paired set of questions rooted in present and future: What is the problem or threat and how can we solve it? What is the opportunity and how can we exploit it?

But complex management challenges did not emerge overnight. They grew up over time and in the context of past decisions and of larger structural forces at work in society, the economy, and the organization itself.

That's why we seek to understand the origin or root cause of the challenge you mean to solve. The answer to this question can help you form a narrative of changewhere we are, how we got here, and where we need to go as a result.


This holistic, time-based approach to problem solving yields original insights and authentic, long-term sources of competitive advantage that traditional management consulting approaches cannot match.


We develop a forward-looking brand strategy that is authentic to a larger organizational story, ensuring that it is both enduring and adaptive.


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