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For families and family enterprises, legacy is about more than wealth or succession. It is the story of the values and life lessons that guide them. 

At a time when so many forces—geographic, generational, and cultural—exist to pull your family apart, we help you discover the shared experience that binds you together.

Unlike traditional family business advisors or wealth managers, we delve into your history to capture and codify the core values that have enabled your success over the long term. Then we work with you to communicate those values in ways that make each generation feel invested in a larger story.  

At the same time, we also know that family history is not about the past; it’s about the future. That’s why, unlike genealogists or run-of-the-mill family biographers, we approach every family’s story as a source of insight and self-knowledge that can empower sustainable choices about succession, governance, philanthropy, and wealth transfer. 

As we do, we draw on our deep knowledge of family systems as well as the latest academic research from our affiliated members of the Family Business Centre at EDHEC Business School in Paris and Lille. 

Cultivate an ethic of stewardship.

Instill in the next generation an appreciation for what came before while empowering them to build their own legacy.

Manage through opportunity and adversity.

Prevent botched strategies or failed successions by leveraging insights from a unique, multi-generational experience.

Avoid emotional "messiness".

Master family emotions by understanding how they have grown up over time and in context, and how they can be turned to advantage. 


Whether published or privately-printed, our deeply-researched family narratives establish the foundation of values and life lessons families need to sustain wealth and purpose long into the future.


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